Vital tips for caring for a sick person during COVID by John Giorgi

John Giorgi

 If your family member gets infected by Covid, do not panic but take necessary measures. For example, you can take care of a person at home who has been tested positive. However, you must keep precautions in mind while taking care of that person John Giorgi.

Follow the article with instructions on how you can support the person who has been tested positive with Covid John Giorgi.

If your partner is exhibiting signs of Covid 19, then you should immediately take them to the doctor. Make sure that the person follows the instructions provided by the doctor. In some cases, people start feeling better within a week. Check if the treatment prescribed by the doctor helps the patient to feel better. You should also encourage the person to increase the intake of fluids.

Check the warning signs

If you notice some negative indications in a person, then you should keep the number of their doctor handy. When you see the signs of COVID-19, you should immediately consult the doctor and tell them the person’s condition. And you see a medical emergency, call a medical expert and let them know that the person might have been suffering from COVID-19, says John Giorgi.

When does a person require emergency medical scrutiny?

If a person has been tested positive for COVID 19, it is advisable to stay at home. But if the emergency arises, you should immediately take them to the hospital. Some of the emergency threat signs are as follows:

  • If the person is suffering from a breathing problem, and there is continuous pain in the chest
  • If the person is unable to wake up.
  • the person is in a state of confusion, And the color of the skin of the patient turns pale or grey

If you notice specific other severe symptoms, you can immediately consult your doctor. And inform them about the situation.

How can you protect yourself?

In such a state of crisis, when you are looking after a person who has been tested positive with COVID-19, you should not forget to protect yourself. Therefore, make sure to follow specific measures to protect yourself.

Limited contact

If a person in your family got diagnoses with COVID-19, make sure to provide them with a separate room and bathroom. You must know that the virus spreads when people are in contact within 6 feet. In addition, it applies when the respiratory droplets of an infected person fall on a healthy person through sneezing, coughing, and talking. Therefore you should stay away from an infected person or limit your contact with him.

Make sure that the infected person stays within his sick room. And even if you have to share the space with the infected, make sure that the room has proper ventilation. It is because good ventilation helps to eliminate the respiratory droplets from the air. Be aware that the caregiver should not be the person who is more at risk of severe illness.

Avoid sharing personal items

Do not share things with a Covid patient. It is better to prevent sharing certain items with them like dishes, cell phones, towels, glasses, etc.

If a person at your home has been diagnosed with Covid 19, you should stop terrifying and stay positive. You should immediately discuss with the doctor and help the sick follow proper medical instructions.

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