Top 5 tips to improve health and wellness to lead a better life according to John Giorgi

John Giorgi

John Giorgi says mental health is essential even if you aren’t struggling with mental disorders. A state of wellness is not the absence of illness and stress. Wellness is the process of healthy living and enjoying a fulfilling life. It is an active process, and you need to develop healthy habits to stay on top of your life. Mental and physical wellness is linked to each other in intricate ways and should develop in a balanced manner.

Developing the balance between mental and physical wellness is difficult to achieve in rural and urban settings. It is complicated to achieve overall wellness in isolation due to the absence of mental health care providers. The added stress and financial difficulty can cause uncertainties as well. There is also this perception that a good work ethic dictates 16-hours of work per day, which adds to the stress-related burnout.

So, how do you bring about the balance in your mental and physical wellbeing? Here are the top five tips to regain balance and take control of your life.

1. Exercise

Exercise is the best tip that we can provide you when you are looking to stay in shape. To exercise, you do not always need specialized equipment – you can join a sports team, you can go for a walk with a pet, or do yoga from the comfort of your home. Keep in mind physical activity can help you clear your mind and improve your self-worth. If you are looking to reduce the signs of depression and fight off anxious feelings, follow the CDC website’s physical activity guidelines.

2. Sleep

Poor sleeping habits result from mental health disorders, and recent research suggests that the absence of quality sleep leads to worsening mental health issues. A healthy bedtime routine makes you happy and calm, allowing you to focus through the day feels John Giorgi. Keep in mind to follow a strict plan every day without fail.

3. Nutrition

You need to cut down on sugary foods and replace them with food items rich in nutrients. Make sure you are eating healthy portions of fish, veggies, and healthy fats like avocados. Healthy food habits can reduce symptoms of depression in adults.

4. Community building efforts

As far as mental wellness is concerned, it would be best if you had support from family, partners, friends, and co-workers. When you feel connected to the world around you, it provides you with a sense of purpose. Fill your life with love and connect with the greater community to enjoy the best mental health.

5. Relaxation

We are leading busy lives, and that leads to us forgetting the hobbies we love. Keep in mind that you need to make time, sit down, enjoy your favorite books and movies to make yourself happier, and get an energy boost to deal with the emotional upheaval of life.

It would help if you remembered that mental health is closely related to physical health. It would help treat both care and equal concern to tune your overall health and wellness to the maximum. All the best!

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