Start-up entrepreneurs and online reputation – John Giorgi shares useful insights

John Giorgi

Every business has a reputation, and entrepreneurs must nurture the same! When start-up entrepreneurs think that they would work on their online reputation once the venture gets established! The truth is, the moment you publish your website and launch your business; you need to pay attention to your online reputation. Online reputation management is a system where organizations ensure that the customers and also the public at large get to know the best news about them. Through the news snippets, a company can proactively develop its brand reputation. The task is not complicated, yet many start-ups shy away from it. John Giorgi suggests a few useful pieces of advice about online reputation management for start-up ventures.

1. Cater to your audience

Every start-up business must address the audience’s pain points. Organizations do this by providing the apt service and also product. At times, catering to the audience also means to revamp a product and make changes post-production. The start-up ventures must cater to the audience queries and reflect how they are doing the same on their website and social media page. The idea is not to boast too much about the brand and get sales-y. It is essential to maintain a conversational and factual tone so that your audience gets to know the correct information that is essential for them.

2. Publish press-releases

John Giorgi start-up companies must issue press releases in the public interest! There are several changes taking place in a company. For instance, your start-up venture might join hands with a leading business partner or social media influencer. Additionally, you might record-high sales and also profits in your business quarters. You might also plan to launch a new product that would cater to the customer requirements. It is necessary to word out these achievements in the form of a press release and issue it to the press to carry it in the concerned newspaper sections.

3. Scan the online articles

Your audience must read positive news about your brand! Hence, it is essential to scan the online articles about your start-up brand and keep track of negative articles and also reviews. You can address negative and unfavorable customer reviews by getting in touch with the concerned customer. Negative articles, once published, will remain online. The best way to deal with it is to increase the frequency of positive and industrial coverage about your brand so that the customers get to read more positive news about you.

4. Reply to the social media comments.

John Giorgi, it is essential to have a clear and also transparent rapport with your audience. Most start-up brands opt-in for social media platforms and create their business profiles. However, not many interact with their audience. It is necessary to reply to the comments of your customers and online users. You need to respond to their questions as that will help in better brand-building initiatives. It will also result in more lead conversion and help you attain customer good-will.

Online reputation management is an ongoing practice! Start-ups need to follow the online reputation guidelines mentioned above and increase their brand’s online visibility.

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