John Giorgi suggest tips to get balanced nutrition during self-quarantine

John Giorgi

As COVID-19 is spreading throughout the nation, people get advised to remain within their homes. All the spheres of life are also being affected. Apart from this, businesses are also being temporarily closed due to which nutrition-associated methods got influenced. In many countries, restaurants shut down, and the availability of fresh food items is also limited, John Giorgi.

Tips to get balanced nutrition during self-quarantine

At this time of uncertainty, a healthy diet is crucial for the well-being of a person, especially when your immune system requires you to fight back. Due to the limited availability of fresh food items, people consume more processed foods containing more fats, sugar, and salt. Even with the restricted food items, people get advised to remain healthy. When you self quarantine at home, people get instructed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay physically active, says John Giorgi.

Purchase things that are must

Instead of panicking in such a circumstance, you must plan to purchase only the things you need. If you go for overbuying, this may have negative consequences such as the hike in food items, binge eating, and many more. Moreover, the needy will also not get access to food items. Therefore, it is advisable to check your pantry and only purchase things needed rather than stocking groceries unnecessarily.

You should prefer fresh food items

If you want to maintain a healthy diet, then you should prefer using fresh food items. If there are fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products available at your home, then you should contemplate consuming them first. You should also avoid wasting food products and try to freeze the leftover food items for later use.

Home-cooked meals should be your priority

Since people get advised to stay at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it is time when they can make use of this time by cooking delicious food for their loved ones. You can get exciting recipes online with the help of which you can prepare a delightful meal for your family. You can also enjoy having dinner together with the whole family.

Keep in mind the percentage of consumption

Although people are spending a more extended period at home and consuming home-cooked food, it is also essential to keep in mind the food portion of adults and children. Therefore, you should avoid overeating and make sure to consume food according to your age.

Measures to take while handling food at home

If you want to maintain a healthy diet for you and your family, you should also prioritize the safety of your food at home. Try to handle your food correctly to avoid any food-borne diseases. Some of the measures that you can follow to maintain hygienic food practices are:

  • You should use boiled water and avoid using tap water
  • Make sure to keep the utensils clean
  • Clean your hands properly

By following the tips illustrated above, you can ensure a healthy diet for you and your family. In addition, make sure to stay physically active at home.

Although it is an uncertain time, you should not panic and remain at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

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