John Giorgi points out the need for safety during a massage treatment amidst the pandemic

John Giorgi

John Giorgi says managing your way through a pandemic is extremely disquieting. Therefore, it is natural for people to want to get a spa treatment to release the stress. However, many parts of the world are already out of covid-19 risk. Yet, in some places, there is a significant rise in the number of cases. There is the news of the world to be hit by the third wave. However, if you prefer taking a massage amidst such trying times, you need to take the necessary precautions. Taking a spa treatment amidst the outspread of a virus involves a certain amount of risk.

The assembly of two or more people during the outspread of novel coronavirus involves the risk of contracting the disease, despite having no symptoms. Some places have more significant dangers of community transmission of the virus, which lacks the knowledge of the virus’s source. Going for a massage treatment exposes both therapist and the customer to the virus. However, if your therapist is taking the necessary precautions, it might save you from the risk involved.

John Giorgi points out safety measures

Safety measures that studios and massage therapist must take for the safety of clients

Using a face covering is mandatory

Using a face mask protects you and your therapist from transmitting the virus through your breath. It is essential to cover your face while taking a spa treatment, even if you are lying down. Many people think that they must wear a mask to keep themselves protected. Hence, some of them feel that they are ok to be at risk. It is not valid. The reality is that people need to cover their faces not only for themselves but for others. Everyone must unite and do this to ensure safety for all.

Limit your exposure

Studies have proved that the place you get a message determines the rate of risk. You can minimize your exposure; it is sensible to get the treatment at your residence. In case that is not possible, you must opt for a small massage parlor, as it involves less risk than bigger studios. The more exposure you have, the higher will be the risk of contracting the disease. Massage therapists must make sure all the technicians have their faces covered and choose an area with good air circulation before undertaking a spa treatment. Regular sanitization of the parlors plays a crucial role in keeping the place clean. The therapist must make sure not to reuse any equipment after each massage.

Avoid the spa in case of sickness

If you experience a running nose, body ache, or something as insignificant as a headache, it is mandatory to cancel your appointment. Leaving aside the symptoms of covid-19, such as lack of taste, sore throat, and respiratory issues, John Giorgi tells you to avoid a massage treatment on other health problems as well.

Do not put down the mask rule

Some therapies such as facial may require a person to remove the face covering and leave you unprotected. It is better to skip such a treatment, as it increases the rate of risk. A facial treatment requires close contact with the therapist, and if it is without a mask, it is better to avoid such a treatment.

The outspread of covid-19 is scary and stressful for everyone. Therefore, if you adopt a massage system, you must make sure that safety is your priority.

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