John Giorgi gives pointers to healthcare facilities after COVID

John Giorgi

John Giorgi says as the pandemic has made its way worldwide, international Governments are fighting to contain the deadly virus. Doctors and healthcare providers are at risk every time a patient starts exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Some specific guidelines and steps must be taken into consideration by healthcare facilities while preparing for the pandemic. Medical aid providers must follow these set points to keep their practice safe if a patient exhibits symptoms. However, you must note that these guidelines get enforced only in healthcare facilities.

John Giorgi gives tips for patient safety

Before the patient arrives

The patient indicating symptoms of a respiratory issue must take precautions to manage a potential spread. Also the patient should be advise to wear a proper face mask, follow social distancing norms, and contain their cough.

After arriving and duration of the visit

You must make sure that people with symptoms should ensure hand as well as respiratory hygiene. Along with it, they should also follow social distancing norms and coughing etiquette.

Patients with symptoms should not be allow to sit or remain among other patients. Further, you should ensure rapid action and isolation. Supplies to follow respiratory hygiene are mandatory. Along with it, tissues, sanitizers, face masks, and other cough etiquette tools are also necessary.

Along with it, there should be added information about vaccinations

• To ensure the best protection of your patients, you must stay updated on the best ways to manage the victims of COVID-19. It is best to keep patients with fever, respiratory issues, or other symptoms segregated. It will help in ensuring that they do not mix with people requiring general care.

• A well-ventilated room separate from other healthcare facility departments can be dedicated to patients who exhibit symptoms. It will help in keeping visitors and patients separate.

• With the rollout of vaccinations against COVID-19, you should get vaccine, and with it follow measures of prevention for your patients and you alike.

• According to John Giorgi, you should keep in mind strategies that help prevent patients from visiting the facility if they can be cared for at home. It will help in protecting your patients from potentially exposing themselves or others to various other infections. Using the telephone system to send out messages for incoming callers can be an effective strategy as they call seeking medical care. It can also provide information about emergency care, precaution measures, and how to take care of COVID-19 victims at home.

Protection of Healthcare providers

• Healthcare providers and frontline workers must get vaccine against the virus. It ensures the safety of frontline workers as they expose themselves to the deadly virus every minute.

• Every workforce must be provided with personal protection equipment, along with instructions for proper use.

• It is essential to keep an inventory of available PPE to be easily accessible for your workforce. You must strategize for optimized usage of PPE supplies.

Even with the rollout of vaccinations against COVID0-19, it is necessary to follow precautions for your patients and your workforce. The fight against the deadly virus is still not over. Prevention is better than cure.

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