John Giorgi gives an insight into selling real estate property during COVID 19

John Giorgi

The covid-19 pandemic has unnerved the very foundations of the property market. Particularly the sectors of construction and reselling are affected. While the property business is already experiencing a downshift for the past few years because of lesser demand, the pandemic added a cherry on top, leaving the resellers disappointed, explains John Giorgi.

Regardless of the current scenario, if the investors implement some strategies during the pandemic, the innovative techniques can help them draw more customers to buy the property. Real estate investors must use various hacks to negotiate to get the best price for their properties.

John Giorgi highlights the crucial aspects you should look upon before selling a property

You must focus on some critical regions before selling your asset

Refurbish your property

Properties that are in mint condition attract buyers faster than the ones that are decaying. It is sensible to renovate your apartment before putting it on sale. Redecorating the interiors and exteriors adds to the freshness and improves the overall value of the place. If a house is on rent and the condition and the tenant crumbles the property, it is essential to tidy the area and make it appealing. You can also seek professional help for the remodeling of property. Spending a small amount on making the place presentable will automatically increase the value.

Advertise and raise awareness among the people

When an estate building is ready for sale, it is essential to spread the news and inform people about its existence. You can advertise through word of mouth by friends and family members. The sellers can also make use of social media platforms to circulate the news. If you want to get your property sold within a short span, it is necessary to broadcast its existence. Therefore, if you wish to speed up the selling process, you must inform more people. Increasing demand for your property will provide you the upper hand while negotiating, says John Giorgi.

Maintain the legality and transparency in the documents

When a buyer approaches a house, they get concerned about the clarity regarding the transfer of documents. The chain of ownership explained in the papers carries utmost importance. Hence, the seller must be transparent and present the required documents to the buyer in minimizing the turnaround time.

Following are the documents that the seller must provide to the buyer at the time of sale

  1. No objection certificate by the society

2. Tax receipts of the property

3. Land verification certificate

4. The deed showing the ownership of the property

5. Documents regarding the change of ownership

It would help if you made the buyer feel secure to finalize the transaction; it is essential to provide all the documents at the right time. The fine print of the estate requires transparency on the part of the seller. The limpidity also gives the seller a chance to quote a higher price for the property.

Install the latest gadgets

A well-furnished home encompassing various appliances will magnify the client’s interest in your property. When you renovate your house, try to install some gadgets and smart technology, such as air-conditioning, cameras, and adaptive lights, to entice buyers.

Thus, you must make use of advanced technology to sell your property even amidst a crisis.

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