John Giorgi focuses in on how the pandemic is modifying the healthcare industry

John Giorgi

John Giorgi explains we are still in the pandemic phase, and the outbreak is continuing! This places a phenomenal demand on the healthcare industry globally. Today, we need reliable and effective instant care for the ones in need. The telehealth industry is not new. However, circumstances today have given it primary importance based on people’s need. Many people might have never heard of telehealth before, but it has become a buzzword due to the pandemic. Today, remote monitoring, online appointments, and data are essential to secure patient health and offering services to cater to the patient’s requirements.

Views by John Giorgi

John Giorgi highlights that based on a Global Market Insights report, the telehealth domain might surpass $64.1 billion by 2025 in the U.S. According to the National Business Group on Health survey, close to 96% of the U.S organizations shared that they would offer telehealth coverage in the health insurance plans. Furthermore, the American Hospital Association highlighted that close to 76% of the U.S hospitals use telehealth facilities to connect the providers to the patients. This domain of healthcare expects to evolve in the coming years. Hence, customers and businesses should know about telehealth and ways to use it.

Ways to make use of telehealth

Telehealth is a useful solution, whether it’s a business providing employee health benefits or a person seeking care. However, it can’t substitute the instant care required during dangerous and life-threatening emergencies. It can help people access conventional healthcare services. 

Primary care

A general physician’s daily healthcare services can get shifted to online service and enhance the patient experience and care quality. For a few chronic conditions, like hypertension and diabetes, an online doctor visitation for patients and prescription changes is easier. It is better than frequently visiting the doctor personally since we all need to maintain social distancing rules.

Several urgent care requirements can be treated and diagnosed through online services. The two conditions that can be treated virtually are urinary tract infections and strep throat. It is easy for doctors to diagnose the same and get it treated with proper medications.

Mental healthcare

Today, mental healthcare is yet another domain where telehealth services have become popular. Through this, a patient can get psychiatric medication and talk therapy, helping patients calm down and get a new perspective on life. In recent times, the patients have responded well to this virtual consultation. They book virtual appointments for mental healthcare services. Today, more psychiatrists and counselors are trying to expand the mental health program to provide more psychiatric help to cater to patient demands.

Last but not least, telehealth is useful for remote locations. It is beneficial for those who don’t get adequate time to visit a doctor and the elderly and uninsured. This specific demographic will benefit hugely from the efficiency and seamlessness of the virtual appointments at a reduced cost. However, today in this stage of the pandemic outbreak, many people are benefitting from telehealth facilities.

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