How to grow business in 2021? By John Giorgi

John Giorgi

John Giorgi says 2021 is going to be all about applying the knowledge and capabilities that you developed the previous year. For example, one of the studies shows that agility can play a critical role in expansion and scale: something typical of technological companies. Like this, many other things need your attention. Let’s dive into them to prepare your business for growth. After all, it determines sustainability and survival also.

Active listening to customer needs

During the pandemic, most restaurants shut down or started accepting online orders because of the lockdowns and fear of infection. The ones that adapted to the changing needs of their customers experienced better revenue. Others who did not align with the interest of their clients had to close. So, understanding what your clients want should be the key, regardless of the business’s nature. And since everything involves cost, you also have to figure out ways to bring it down to the best level. To be precise, some restaurants opted for direct online sales platform to avoid high commissions charged by delivery apps.

As John Giorgi rightly points out, listening to your public can help you find solutions with potentially long-term impact.

Balance personal and professional space

Working hard is one thing, and blurring the line between personal and professional life is another. If you tirelessly slog for long hours a day in and day out, you will get exhausted, and your productivity will also take a hit. Your stress levels will grow. But if you allow yourself to distance yourself from your trade, you will find time to focus on innovation, exchanging ideas, and more. You will have a fresh approach to your work every day.

Keeping motivation high

Last year has been an emotionally challenging time for everyone, and entrepreneurs were not an exception. Every startup person fears failures, and pandemic pushed many of them to the verge of downfall even before they could take off. Don’t get discouraged by this. Even during regular times, entrepreneurs cannot get rid of uncertainty. They have to keep their motivation up every single day. As an entrepreneur, you may also struggle to keep yourself charged and hooked. But don’t worry about this. There are ways to handle this situation.

You can determine some long-term and short-term goals, for instance. When you work on unlocking them, your focus and enthusiasm don’t waver as much. Besides, imagine where you want to reach and what resources you have. Figure out when you can achieve that level. Also, please take into account the risk factors and their solutions. When you involve yourself in these, you get to see a larger picture and the path ahead.

At the end of it all, you must recognize that entrepreneurs need to build a support network more than anyone else. So, get your family, friends, suppliers, team, and coworkers by your side. Simultaneously, join forums and associations that talk about entrepreneurial journeys, adverse experiences, and the need to work together.

These can be some basic lessons of an entrepreneurial undertaking. People often forget about them, and by the time they realize, it is already too late. So, don’t make such mistakes.

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