How to conduct business during the pandemic? Insights by John Giorgi

John Giorgi

No one in 2020 got prepared for the pandemic. It had created massive personal and financial losses. John Giorgi says the economy had undergone a downswing phase, which had affected the mainstream jobs across several industries. People were jobless, and some had to work as contractual labor. For many people, a change in the calendar date symbolized the end of the pandemic! It’s 2021, but that doesn’t indicate that we are over the pandemic phase. Today, the situation is brighter than it was during last year. People are attending their offices, and business houses are planning to expand. Yet, we need to plan everything keeping in mind the pandemic.

The new strain of the virus had created another round of threat and scare amidst everyone. Alongside that, business owners and entrepreneurs are making plans for new business. John Giorgi shares a few useful ways to conduct business during the pandemic.

1. Reduce the pointless expenses

The economy is still healing from last year’s losses. Hence, no company is in a state to make greater profits. Therefore, organizations and business houses must reduce expenses as much as possible. For instance, it is essential to maintain a systematic cash-flow system and curb down redundant costs.

2. Get selective with business development plans

It is not the time to go aggressive on marketing and business development plans. That will put extra pressure on your existing resources and employees. Hence, it’s a good idea to make a selective business development plan. It means you prepare business pitches for selective clients, where you might have a chance to get a project. It will help you to pool your efforts in a fruitful place than getting scattered everywhere. Also, you can use the productivity of your existing employees effectively.

3. Opt-in for virtual meetings

Even though flights are on, it’s still a smart call to curb down on your official travel for a while. Traveling by flight would require a certain amount of money. Is your company in a place to bear frequent flying costs? If no, you should think of an alternative strategy. One of the best ways to have internal team meets and client meets is to arrange the same online. Today, there are advanced videoconferencing tools available that will enable you to conduct online meetings seamlessly. You can exchange notes and even keep recorded sessions so that others can tune into it when they can.

4. Connect with your customers more

It is not the time to push sales aggressively! The market is gradually improving. Hence, you must connect with your customers as much as possible—one of the best ways to enhance your social media interactions. Your customers are continually sharing the views and queries online. You must respond to the questions and take note of their opinions. These insights will help you to create a better marketing strategy.

The pandemic phase will erase gradually. And businesses and entrepreneurs must move ahead patiently. The guidelines mentioned above will help them to carry out their business accordingly.

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