How to bring tourism back better after the coronavirus pandemic, explains John Giorgi

John Giorgi

 John Giorgi explains it has primarily affected those who love traveling and vastly hit hotels, airlines, and the tourism industry. Places that rely heavily on business, international, and tourism events face the most significant negative impact after COVID 19. Domestic tourism has restarted; however, the actual recovery will only be possible after international tourism returns. Global cooperation and evidence-based solutions are required to lift travel restrictions safely. The COVID-19 crisis has provided you with the opportunity to rethink tourism for the future.

How to revive the tourism industry suggests John Giorgi

COVID 19 has not only affected the economy of the nation but has also impacted the environment. There has been a lot of pressure on the rural areas after the pandemic, for instance, loss of biodiversity, illicit poaching recreations, alteration in land use, and a lot more. The coronavirus pandemic has also caused an increase in fishing, deforestation, and other unlawful nature-based activities. The pandemic has also led to the rise in biomedical waste with a stretch in hospital resources.

Although tourism has started to recover after an ease in the restrictions or quarantine imposed to avoid the spread of COVID 19, you need to keep in mind that everythingcannot return to its original place, says John Giorgi.

Mentioned below are some of the fundamental recovery preferences for the tourism sector.

Local tourism

Once terrorism resumes, there will be more focus on domestic travel. It will put some of the popular destinations under the threats of mass tourism. A substantial number of travelers will exceed the potential of the place to hold them. Companies will distribute many discounted packages and promotions to build demand to recover the tourism industry’s losses. Mass tourism is a rewarding experience if you want to rebuild the tourism sector. These may include sustainable rural tourism, nature tourism, and so on.

Ecological protection

These days many nature-based crimes are taking place. It is mainly due to the unguarded protective areas and diverted attention from the government. Stringent laws are required to protect biodiversity. The government should enforce laws to protect the environment. The government should take initiatives to protect biodiversity and also to restrict the destruction of natural resources. Forest management should take steps to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem and preserve certain species of trees. The government should also take measures to protect the endangered species, forestation, protection of aquatic habitats, and protect the ecological balance from tourism.

Improved infrastructure

For instance, good hygiene habits such as hand washing should stay promoted. People should also be aware of the benefits of sanitizing now and then. Do not throw biomedical waste in public places. It would help if you kept in mind that the infrastructure in tourist places should be well-managed as it plays a vital role in the tourism sector.

It is very critical to protect the essential properties of a region. Since these are some of the reasons that attract a tourist towards them, it is necessary to prioritize these fundamental facets. You also need to ensure that while solving one issue, you do not create another one.

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