Federals laws that are particularly designed for Employees- analysis by John Giorgi

John Giorgi

Employees have been the victim of pity and injustice since the very inception of the employment sector. This lacuna of employment came into the limelight during the 20th century when numerous employees quitting jobs were registered. According to John Giorgi, the reason behind people putting off the idea to join the employment sector was the work culture followed in the corporate sector. Therefore, it became essential for the U.S. government to interfere. This chaos became a major reason for the decline of GDP of major countries of states in those times. To avoid this and to facilitate employees with the rights they deserve, a separate set of federal laws were introduced in the United States of America.

Analysis of Workplace Safety by John Giorgi– (The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970)

No, this law is not just for women but for all the employees. Employees of all positions and nature are covered under this act. This comprises various guidelines that are necessary to maintain the decorum of a workplace. This act directly aims to facilitate workers and their family coverage from any unforeseen or unprecedented future risk resulting from their work culture. This act is particularly designed for full-time employees, which means that self-employed or part-time workers or those who work on a contractual basis are not covered under this act.

Unemployment Benefits-

Unemployment is still a major cause of concern in most parts of the USA, says John Giorgi. Therefore, it is always on the priority list of ruling governments. Jobless benefits are the need of the hour, especially at this point when the whole world is suffering from this deadly virus. People are constantly falling into the pit of unemployment. To overcome this government, introduce different schemes at fixed intervals. Although, there are proper eligibility criteria release that must be qualified by the candidate to avail the benefits under this scheme.

Family Leave-

This has been a major cause of concern among employees. Shortly speaking, this was one of the primer reasons for the chaos during the 20th century. The work culture at that time was very rude towards family-related emergencies. The employers were reluctant to allow leaves for family issues. But today, this problem is addressing with due diligence. During the tenure of President Clinton, this issue came to highlight. When a new act named the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), 1993 came into action. This act stood up to the expectations of employees and reduced their hardships and sorrow.


The employment sector has a huge contribution to the American GDP. In the absence of proper facilities, employees can’t expect to perform well. Therefore, the above-given acts were recognizeing and came into existence. With time, numerous new legislations are introducing to maintain healthy work culture. American employees legally protect. They can directly approach the court in case of breach of their rights. Not only this, but today, they can also ask for unpaid leaves to support their friends and family without the risk of losing their jobs.

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